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New! Photos made from ICC-2002 in Kyoto!

First International Cellulose Conference

November, 2002

(coming-NAMM Show Los Angeles, January, 2003)

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 Aspen Colorado Summer  Visit-2002 

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Maroon Bells Photo, July, 2002

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 September, 2002

Hello, I'm Malcolm Brown. I have been a member of the Department of Botany for many years. In September, 1999, our Department of Botany was dissolved and a new School of Biological Sciences created. I moved to a section called Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. I am in the same building and teach the same courses. My email has not changed, nor will the URL.

    In 1982, I returned to my Alma Mater after having spent 13 years on the faculty at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As a graduate student here at UT, I was trained as a botanist with a specialization in phycology, the study of algae. Prof. Harold C. Bold was my major professor. I learned electron microscopy in 1959 with Dr. Hilton Mollenhauer and have been active in the field for the past 36 years. Right now, I am excited about the prospects of developing atomic and molecular imaging with the TEM so that proteins, DNA, and biopolymers can be visualized with minimal damage. 

    My early electron microscopy studies led me into the investigation of CELLULOSE, Nature's most abundant macromolecule. For the past 25 years, I have been investigating the structure and biosynthesis of this important biopolymer. I have shared many exciting moments with former graduate students and colleagues in discoveries relating to cellulose. 

    Like most of my colleagues, I am being brought "kicking and screaming" into the computer age with the Internet! This is a great way to communicate, so here is my own attempt to create an interesting homepage. As you might have noticed, I have made some sweeping changes. Take a look at the  links below.  My latest hobby centers around composition on my Roland KR-1070 Digital Electronic Grand Piano. I make wave files then compress them into fabulous mp3 files, so download some of these for your listening pleasure. I will endeavor to keep Malcolm's mp3 page updated and full of new and interesting music. I have a new Roland portable keyboard, a full 88 weighted keys (The new Roland KF-90). It has the full functionality of the KR-1070, so it is excellent to take with me for composing (I did this in Aspen in the Summer of 2002). A new addition is my early life and music. I hope you will like this page.

    Those of you who know me know that I am a shutterbug and take lots of photos! I think you will enjoy the photo sessions, particularly the new ones from Sweden

    I am very proud of the images telling the story of our trip to Israel in January 1999. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the "Eye of God" have special meaning to me and will have an impact on you.

    My garden. Oh yes, you will like to see what we can grow out here in the West under Juniper trees. Please take a Garden Tour.  It is not easy gardening but worthwhile.  Just remember, when most of the Nation is under snow and freezing, we are having our second springtime!

     Please visit my dedication sites to friends and relatives. Some have passed away recently and others are still hard at work and active. These sites were created out of my resolute and absolute respect for these individuals. It is an honor to have known each and every one of them. I only hope these webpages will do these people justice.

    I am very proud especially of the webpage I made for my former high school chemistry teacher, Elaine Ledbetter. Look through this paradise, as Elaine has allowed me to reprint much of her poetry and photography. Something here you will never find anywhere else. It is worth several hours of browsing just to visit this site. 

    Another website I really like is the dedication to my former professor Harold C. Bold, a famous international phycologist, UT-Austin Professor, musician, and great human being. I would appreciate feedback on this page as it needs more work to be complete.  I hope you like it even though it needs some more work. You former students visit the pages often. Look at the new MOVIE addition. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear and see Harold in his setting, with his stories, speech, mannerisms, etc. It brought back a flood of memories for me.

    Hey, I still like my hometown, Pampa, Texas!  How many of you really know where this is located? My wife, Ann, has a T-shirt that says, "Pampa, Texas- 20 miles from water and 2 feet from hell!"  That does not really do Pampa Texas justice. Go visit this page and see for yourself.

     I have decided to leave this page up  because of the very good response from many former students. It is the Pampa High School Class of 1957 Reunion. Teeny Boppers and the 50's are very well represented here. Take a look!

    Also, you might be interested in a biographical sketch which was installed in Pampa High School at the new Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on May 20, 1997. Also take a look at my recent photos at the October, 2000 Hall of Fame Ceremony and Homecoming in Pampa. Lots of really "cool" or "tight" photos!

    Well, as these years fly by, we may be aging and our telomerases working to shorten our chromosomes, but we still feel young!  If you would like to see what we looked like 41 years ago on the first night I met Ann, click HERE!

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This is my memorial to September 11, 2001. Please download the music and reflect upon this time of our lives. Created September 10, 2003


  A memorial dedication to my teacher and my true friend, Elaine Ledbetter who is critically ill as of May 6, 2002
A dedication of original music (mp3s) and reading of Elaine's poetry from Enfold the Splendor

At last! Excerpts from the video of Harold C. Bold's 1987 reunion in Austin! See and here the REAL HAROLD C. BOLD, courtesy of the modern marvels of the Internet!

A fantastic photo collection
of images from SWEDEN
A memorial dedication
to Valerie Maslow, a beautiful person who passed away recently after a valiant fight against cancer (4-11-02)

Visit Lena Linderholm's
fantastic gallery in Waxholm, Sweden.
This is one of my favorite places to visit when I go to Sweden. She is one of Sweden's best known artists. Her husband, Gosta, is a famous jazz musician!



Tour my garden! (still under construction! good until  photo # 30!)
Proud Owner of the New Roland KR-1070  Digital Intelligent Grand Piano
Julie Brown
A Special Dedication to Elaine Ledbetter of Pampa, Texas- Chemistry Teacher, NSTA President, Poet, Photographer, Wonderful Human Being!
Now open!- A Very Informative Personal Dedication Page to HAROLD C. BOLD! (music, frames from the 1986 video and the Caldwell reunion plus early photos of Harold and other phycologists- a must-see)


My dedication to Kelly
Anderson, dear friend, who passed away, February 16, 2001

Website Tour of Pampa, Texas
Geography quiz time!-Where is Pampa? Well, this is one of the finest small towns in the U.S.A.
Why not find out for yourself?
  Biographical Sketch for Induction intothe Pampa High School Hall of Fame Yours truly in front of his favorite school, May, 1997.
A  Webpage Dedicated To My Friend, Willie Kocurek
(Willie Kocurek is a "fixture" in Austin-master gardener, lawyer, businessman, dedicated giver of his time and energies, great father and husband, hero to students and parents. Learn more about this wonderful person.) Note, I have a  composition dedicated "To Willie".

  Talk-"Connecting Science"
This talk gives quite a lot of my philosophy and also tells about some early research and how I
became interested in science.

  Exciting Places to Vacation!
 (new places coming soon)

My dedication to my best friend, Bill Atkinson, who  passed away
My Friend, Andreas Sievers, of Bonn, Germany! Click on Icon for some very interesting information!
Pampa High School's Class of 1957 Fortieth Reunion in September 1997!
Only forty three"short" years ago, a group of some 250 Pampa High School Students were matriculating through a very unique school. Now, these former students  rejoined and relived "old times". 
   Reunion PHOTOS and Followup 
Here is living proof that we have the eternal "fountain of youth". If you have difficulty with the small download, take a look at the large jpeg. Why, we have not aged one single bit!

June, 2000-Click on the above icon to
learn more about a most interesting "Magna Carta"- The  Trieste Declaration of  Human Duties.  I firmly believe in this document and would like to share it with you. I hope you will enjoy.

Here is a great link to Kjell Sandved's
Butterfly Alphabet Page. This is really
wonderful material. For 50,000,000 years butterflies have inhabited the earth, for 2,000 years we have had a Roman alphabet, but for only 24 years has Nature's REAL aphabet been discovered by Kjell Sandved! A must!  Click on photo icon above to see Kjell's homepage!

This is Malcolm's UPDATED MP3 Webpage-download some fantastic new sound created by Malcolm- LOTS of new files!
Try them! 

A trip to Malcolm's barbershop. The Sportsman's Barbershop. Take a look!

A photo montage of foods
served in Japan (all made from
my 2000-2001 trip). Not only do
they taste good, but they look good! 

My dedication to Kyoko Itoh who passed away, September 7, 1999

Mount Fuji at dawn, January 1, 2001. The dawn of a new century in Japan 

Cool Mount Fuji photos taken
from the west side on Jan 6, 2001

My visit to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center on May 14, 1999 

My Dedication to my mother-in-law, Dorothy Louise Stovall Callaway-1912-1999

Here are some EXCELLENT photos that I made on a trip to Pampa, Texas in October to attend the Year 2000 HALL OF FAME Ceremonies. Enjoy
This is Malcolm's POETRY  Webpage-Enjoy!

A trip to Hamilton Pool
February 21, 2001. Beautiful
digital images. Enjoy!

This is Mars. Digital photo taken
directly with my Olympus c-2000z
Only in telephoto mode. Click
to learn more. June 25, 2001

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Visit  Ralph Moreland  and  his 50+ years with the  Holiday House   in Austin


M & M's! No, not candy

but Malcolm and MUSIC-a

look at Malcolm's early life

and how music influenced

his life.


Come visit Greece! This link takes you to the 7th International
Phycological Congress activities during our trip to Greece, August, 2001. Download
mp3 files of original Greek music. Visit
classical Greece. 

Malcolm Visits Pampa! October 2001! Hall of Fame Reception, Induction, Harvester Statue Dedication (class of 1956), Homecoming Football Game, Gething Ranch,and exciting photos, including a visit with Elaine and Bill Ledbetter!

A look at mother earth from
39,000 ft aboard American Airlines
Flight 60 non-stop from Tokyo to
DFW (Boeing 777 -new optical port

My dedication to the tragic destruction of the World Trade Center Towers in NYC on Sept. 11, 2001. Download the music mp3 composition, "September 11, 2001"
ASPEN, Colorado and the
ACES Center! Take a trail tour of
the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies. This is a crown jewel, hidden in the center of Aspen. Be sure to visit this place the next time you drop by Aspen.

Trip to the Holy land! January 4-14, 1999. Visit this site for some truly interesting photos!

Visit the Frisco Shop in Austin as it celebrates its 50th birthday! A great restaurant from the old Nighthawk chain Click on the icon above



Revisited one year later

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My friend, Jeff Zeikus who passed away in April, 2003. Some correspondence of interest.




Updated October 21, 2004

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