Video excerpts from the reunion
The Story:
Former Students of Dr. Harold C. Bold held a gathering and banquet in his honor on August 6, 1987 at the Faculty Club on the UT-Austin campus.
An interview took place in Malcolm's lab on August 7.
These videos are "priceless"! They show Harold's
indomitable personality and his response to
the "roastings" is typically "Boldian".
I hope that all of his former students will take advantage of this new technology and enjoy these moments in history, coming only 16 years after the event!

There are three formats fromwhich you can choose:

The "Modem" format is a low resolution, relatively small file that can be downloaded from a dialup modem.
The "ISDN" format is a high resolution format and can be rapidly downloaded through an ethernet  or isdn connection.
The "Real Video" format is a "streaming video" and may be helpful and useful. I would suggest that you use this format to view all of the converted video we presently have.
Unfortunately, we did not have time to include everyone. The video tapes are still in excellent condition, and I can send those who attended a tape if you contact me.
I express my thanks to Bob Nagy for converting the videos
to these downloadable formats!


 Windows - Modem
 Windows - ISDN
Interview 1-HC Bold- "Introduction"
Interview 2-HC Bold- "Sporangium story"
Segment 2-HC Bold-"Mary Bold Story"
Segment 3-"Concluding Remarks
of Video Interview"
Segment 4 "Recollections of 1930 Woods Hole Collection of Volvox"
Segment 5- BC Parker Roast
Segment 6- Richard Starr Roast
Segment 7- Walter Herndon Roast
Segment 8- Walter Herndon-2nd Roast


Segment 9- George Pessoney Roast


Segment 10- Larry Hoffman Roast


Segment 11- Gina Arce Roast


Segment 12- Temd Deason Roast


Segment 13-Eleanor Cox Roast


Segment 14-Thanks to Bob Nagy from Malcolm
Segment 15- Harry Bischoff Roast
Segment 16-Father Schmidt Roast
Segment 17- David Brown Roast
Entire Reunion Video