A Visit to My Barbershop

The Sportsman's Barbershop!
3702 Jefferson Street
Austin, Texas 78731
Tel 459-9525

When I returned to Austin in 1982 to teach at UT, my former major professor, Harold C. Bold, took me to his barber, Jim Wright of the Sportsman's Barbershop. Well, I have been a steady and satisfied customer ever since! This place is more than a barbershop. It is a place to greet friends and hash over current events. It is a true kaleidoscope of culture and represents all aspects of our town, Austin and surrounds. Congratulations to Jim and Bill and the fine barbers who make getting a haircut an enjoyable experience!

A view from the parking lot-nice building!

This is what you see when you enter! Wow! A Flurry of activity!

Here is the antelope head that I donated to the barbershop. This is a record antelope shot by my dad,
Dr. R, Malcolm Brown of Pampa, Texas. I did not know it at the time, but someone in the barbershop
said that the horns had been mounted backwards! Well.... it still is an attractive record!


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