"Music and Malcolm"

    This page serves as an introduction to several really interesting webpages which summarize my early life and love of music. I hope you will enjoy looking through these pages. Just click on the Photo Icons below to enter a particular webpage. The photos have been reduced for fast download. Enjoy!



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What does this Hammond organ in Mr. Kakehashi's home in Japan have in common with Malcolm's
early music career? Click on the photo icon above to enter and find out!


Malcolm's first visit with Mr. Kakehashi and the Roland Factory in 1999. Click on the
photo icon above to see some unpublished photos of the factory tour and this visit.


How could a "Kanreki" celebration for Malcolm in 2000 and his music be interrelated with Mr. Kakehashi?
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A treasured visit to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kakehashi in Hamamatsu, Japan in January, 2002. Here
Malcolm is receiving his highest musical honor- a Roland lapel pin that Mr. Kakehashi was wearing
and the one that he decided to give Malcolm as a memento of his visit. Click on the photo icon
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