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Created for Elaine, with love and admiration, from R. Malcolm Brown, Jr.
(new! Rainbow page added October 7, 1998! see link below)
Jefrey Pine on Sentinel Dome, Yosemite National Park
(photo by Elaine Ledbetter)
Elaine Ledbetter
from the book, "Triumphant Moment"
Majestic mountains rising sheer and high
Above soft, green valleys far below;
Lofty redwoods towering toward the sky
That seem to speak with God in accents low;
Mighty torrents rushing swiftly down,
The placid Mirror Lake reflecting blue;
Huge and massive Half Dome, the valley's crown,
And Glacier Point with its incomparable view.
God made all our parks quite grand to see,
But He saved the best to make Yosemite!

On this page you will find music, exquisite
photography, beautiful poetry, and meaningful writings from Elaine Ledbetter's collections.
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Message from Malcolm
    I hope that you will enjoy this webpage. For many months, I have had the idea to create a webpage for my former teacher, Elaine Ledbetter. She is someone very special to me. Elaine is very well known to the citizens of  Pampa. She also has gained a national reputation among the Nation's high school science teachers. What most people do not know about Elaine is that she is a truly inspirational poet and a wonderful photographer!  While she has published some of her poems in limited, small editions, much of it remains unpublished.  Elaine has given me permission and encouragement to place all of her materials on the Internet for the world to see.  Magnificent photographs of  'Ansel Adams quality'  have been taken by Elaine, and this site is the opportunity to show the entire world the unselfish gifts of this very talented  person.  Elaine Ledbetter is a hidden jewel! (at least up until the present!)
    Now for those of you who have never met Elaine Ledbetter, please browse through her collections of truly magnificient poetry, photography, and listen to the associated music which I have either composed myself or played on my Roland KR-1070 digital electronic grand piano. By the way, a good way to use your browser to play these songs is to install Yamaha's  MidPlug. You can get it free on the Internet. Just Click  HERE!  I hope that you will have a memorable experience from this "surfing". This is a rather large site. You will not finish in one evening. Please return and enjoy the delicious "morsels" placed here through the generosity of Elaine Ledbetter, a model teacher, philosopher, fellow scientist, poet, writer, and photographer. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me by clicking HERE.
    Elaine would certainly like to hear from former students, friends, or just anyone who has surfed through these pages and found something inspiring, interesting, or worthwhile for a comment. You may write to Elaine Ledbetter at: 2111 Mary Ellen Street, Pampa, Texas 79065.
    For those of you who would like to know a little more about Pampa, Texas, I suggest that you click HERE.  I would like also to express my appreciation to Doug Locke of Pampa, Texas who so kindly took a laptop out to Elaine's home and showed her the early version of this page. Doug has a very fine Internet Provider Service in Pampa. Last but not least, I want to thank all of my former teachers in Pampa. This was a most unusal place which had a unique and very progressive education system for its citizens. I was just lucky to have lived in this fine town and be able to partake of what I have come to realize was a very excellent education. Pampa is continuing in this tradition in its public school system, thanks to the fine leadership of its Superintendent, Dr. Dawson Orr.
    As an added note, we intend to get Elaine back on her computer and outfitted with an email address. As soon as it becomes available, I will post it here on her webpage.
    And now, I would like to take this opportunity to thank  Miranda Bailey of the Pampa News  for an article on this project which appeared in the September 24th issue of  that newspaper. Having news about one's home online is a fantastic way to keep up with one's community. I commend the Pampa News Online for its comprehensive, accurate, local news service. Keep up the good work!  Take a look at the bottom of this page to see the formal  "dedication"  of my webpage to Elaine when I drove from Austin to  Pampa, Texas on September 19, 1998.
    I am truly proud to have the honor to visit Pampa and always look forward to these visits!  Pampa, Texas USA  is a great place to have been raised, and hopefully the present youth can learn from us  "old foggies"  who have been through it all and still realize just how important the community is to the early stages of one's growing-up experience.  Enjoy! - and by the way.......  "Hook-em Harvesters"   (and Horns!)

   Help! Elaine Needs a copy of her textbook

November 10, 1998. Elaine has asked me to post this notice! She needs a copy of her 1977 Edition of "Keys to Chemistry" textbook to be placed in the archives. This book is now out of print and is no longer available. It was published by Addison Wesley. The authors are Elaine Ledbetter and Jay Young. If you were a former student of Elaine's, take a look in your attic to see if you have a copy you could donate to this worthy cause! You may write to Elaine at 2111 Mary Ellen, Pampa, Texas 79065, or you can email her at:

Who is Elaine Ledbetter?
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 Elaine would love to hear from you!
Please write to her at: 2111 Mary Ellen
Pampa, Texas 79065

Called To Teach: The Story of My Life
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Reflections of a
Retired Science Teacher
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Keys To Chemistry
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The "Rainbow Page"
(click on the thumbnail above to see 5 photos (no larger than 30k each) taken on September 19, the day I visited Elaine in Pampa, Texas, and also the day we saw a complete double rainbow from her front yard!

September 19, 1998, the day I drove to Pampa and presented Elaine with her webpage! Here I am going
over the webpage on a laptop.  Miranda Bailey of the Pampa News is interviewing us. This was
a truly memorable day which ended with a beautiful, full, double rainbow the afternoon we completed our work!

 Notice: All photos, exerpts from books, poems, and other written materials have been placed on this webpage with the express permission of Elaine Ledbetter. Most of this material, including the music, is copyrighted, and to be reproduced for anything other than your private, individual viewing, you need to obtain permission from the authors.

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