Trieste Declaration of Human Duties

I believe in the



    1. Respect human dignity as well as ethnic, cultural and religious diversity.

     2. Work against  racial injustice and all discrimination of women, and the abuse and exploitation
     of children.

    3. Work for improvement in the quality of life of aged and disabled persons.

    4. Respect human life and condemn the sale of human beings or parts of the living human body.

    5. Support efforts to improve the life of people suffering from hunger, misery, disease or

    6.  Promote effective voluntary family planning in order to regulate world population growth.

    7. Support actions  for an equitable distribution of world resources.

    8. Avoid energy waste and work for the reduction of the use of fossil fuels. Promote the use of
    inexhaustible energy sources, representing a minimum of environmental and health risks.

    9. Protect nature  from pollution and abuse, promote conservation of natural resources and the
    restoration of degraded environments.

    10. Respect and preserve the genetic diversity of living organisms and promote constant scrutiny
    of the application of genetic technologies.

    11. Promote improvement of urban and rural regions and support endeavours to eliminate the
    causes of environmental destruction and impoverishment which can lead to massive migrations
    of people and over population in urban areas.

    12.  Work for maintenance  of world peace, condemn war, terrorism and all other hostile
    activities by calling for decreased military spending in all countries and restriction of the
    proliferation and dissemination of arms, in particular, weapons of mass destruction.

                                     Professor R. Malcolm Brown, Jr.
                                             June, 2000

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 Notes: This Declaration was originally proposed by Professor Rita Levi Montalcini of Italy who is presently the President
  of the International Council of Human Duties ( ICHD). I was initially made aware of this magnificent organization through
  Professor Sergio Paoletti of the University of Trieste whom I met at a recent meeting in Berlin. In addition to science of
 common interest, we discussed the destruction of the world's forests, and I mentioned that I had a grand plan to overcome this by developing a strain of microbes to produce cellulose in salt water environments, thus removing entirely the need to
   harvest forest trees for wood and pulp as well as growing of cotton for textiles. This is a dream  and I have decided to
                     dream as Robert Muller has done -"be born to fashion a better world"...

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