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Aspen Colorado
Summer, 2002

Note: Summers 2003 and 2004 are in preparation!

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The Story

            During this past summer (2002) Ann and I traveled to our beloved Aspen Colorado, but this time, it was different and in several ways. First, we decided to stay longer! To afford that, we found a condominium on Hopkins street which is located in the town proper, walking distance to about anything. In other words, we just parked our car and lived the life in Aspen for one month, eg, the month of July. Aspen was different this summer because the drought combined with numerous fires, greatly reduced the tourist trade. While that was good for us, it was very hard on the shops, restaurants, and venues in the town. In spite of the dry weather, we were blessed with several rains, after which the air was so pure and clear!
            Living in Aspen for one month gave us another opportunity... to invite our friends for a week's visit. These visits immensely added to our vacation. Seeing old friends and being able to show the town and surrounds made us into "tour guides"! Seriously though, I cannot think of another place in the entire US that has as much as Aspen: The Music School, the Physics Institute, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, the gondola, free bus rides, trips to Maroon Bells, Ashcroft, the Rio Grande hiking trail, Fourth of July Parade, numerous gourmet foods, hiking and biking, concerts, all added to an inspirational month in this beautiful place. One way to experience what we experienced is through photos. Thus, you will find on this page, entrees into a number of topics, each with hundreds of interesting photos. I hope that you will enjoy the topics. The photos are all copyrighted, so if you would like to use one or more, please send requests to me at the following email address: rmbrown@mail.utexas.edu
            All images were made with my Olympus C-4040z digital camera. Most images were captured at high resolution giving photos of about 500kb; however, I used Thumbs Plus 5.1 to batch process all photos and resize them to make fast web downloading. If you really need a high resolution photo, just write to me. To make your surfing easier, simply click on one of the 18 photo icons below to enter a particular subject. From there, you can view thousands  of thumbnails which will rapidly download. Then click on a particular thumbnail to obtain the enlarged image. ENJOY!
August 20, 2002


Visit the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES)

Visit the ghost town of Ashcroft

Entertain yourself at the Pine Creek Cookhouse, one of the best restaurants in the Aspen area. In the winter, you can ski to this isolated place!

Enjoy the native crafts at Toklat right at the Village of Ashcroft

A tour of Aspen homes, businesses, churches, streets, and ah yes, that sky!

Ride with us on the Gondola to the top of Aspen Mountain, more than 11,000 feet above sea level! Then enjoy food at the newly completed restaurant at the top, or attend a free music concert, or simply take your own food and enjoy a hike in the high mountains!

Hike in these beautiful hills on Aspen Mountain. Clear mountain air and extensive wildflower fields will invigorate you!

Aspen mountain-music on the mountain

Enjoy the flowers of Aspen and surrounds. You will be surprised!

Enjoy the delicious dishes from restaurants in Aspen and surrounds.

Meet some of the many friends we made this summer.

Take a hike to Maroon Bells and visit Crater Lake. This is a very strenous hike but worth the effort. You end up at the base of the Maroon Bells.

One of the most photographed places in the entire USA-Maroon Lake with the Maroon Bells in the background. You will not be disappointed with the photos in this extensive collection representing three separate trips in July.

Here is something most people do not know about. The Benedictine Monastery near Snowmass. Fantastic solitude and beauty. The 23 monks there have a visitor center and shop where you can purchase books, cookies. You can also visit the chapel for Sunday morning prayers. The monks have a website that you may be interested in visiting. Go to: Benedictine Monastery


 Music! Enter here to sample some of the diverse venues of music in

the Aspen area

The famous Aspen Music School, the summer home to hundreds of very talented young students.

Here is the famous tent where concerts are held daily. You can enjoy a free concert if you bring a picnic and dine on the grass surrounding the tent. This is a new tent. A must see  and hear!

Here are views of our condo on Hopkins street

Click here for numerous special events such as the Fourth of July Parade

Hope you enjoyed these photos.
Created by R. Malcolm Brown, Jr. on August 20, 2002
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