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R. Malcolm Brown, Jr.

Welcome to my MP3 Page! This is a result of the fantastic audio capabilities inherent in the new MP3 format.  Finally, we have a "cd-like" audio format which is not too large for downloading on the Internet!

On this webpage, I will present original compositions and improvisations from my Roland KR-1070 Digital Grand Piano. This "piano" is one of the most versatile electronic instruments that I have ever encountered. Not only is it a grand piano with Steinway-like and Bosendorfer-like acoustical qualities, it has more than 300 other instruments with superb sound. In order to bring you the same sound I hear when I use the instrument, I noticed that this was not the case with midi files. When I recorded the piano's digital output directly to a  minidisk format by Sony, I had a reproducible sound that truly mimicked what I hear in my living room! Now you can hear what I hear!

To obtain truly excellent audio quality inherent in the Roland instrument, I first recorded the files digitally on my Sony MD digital Walkman which recorded flawlessly on a minidisk. Then I used this source as the input to my sound card in my computer to create *.wav files which were then converted to MP3 at 22.05 or 44.1 kHZ and 128 kbites/sec. This resulted in excellent quality MP3 music files!
    A new way that I have been recently using is Roland'sVisual MT Program which has a great sound engine, the Virtual Sound Canvas 88. That means almost identical sounds on midi which can be directly recorded to wave files.

    Please enjoy the music, but remember that these are original compositions or my improvisations and my music is copyrighted. You must obtain my written permission to use these files for anything but your own personal use on a single computer.

Very Important!  
If you are relatively new to computers and the music scene, I strongly recommend that you download WINAMP as a free MP3 player. If you are interested in the basic Roland KR-1070, click HERE to receive more information (incidentally, I still have more info on the KR-1070 than anyone else on the Internet). If you would like to know more about Sony's MD Walkman, click HERE.  IMPORTANT NOTE! This is new information! To get mp3 to work correctly, you will need to configure your browser to direct all *.mp3 files to WINAMP. Set the MIMEtype to audio/mp3. You do all of this in the preference section. Until some computer expert told me to do this, I had a very "primitive" method to simply right click on the broken image icon and use the "save image as" function to download it, because the mp3 suffix was preserved in this case (see below)

Download or play MP3 files BELOW!
Just click on the icon, and your mp3 player will go into high gear! Enjoy!

"To Kyoko"

New!  A  new composition for KYOKO ITOH   (3,149K)
"Kyoko, this is for you,
With love and admiration-
from Malcolm and Ann"

This is a short original piano composition illustrating the confusion but still the infatuation with the relationship between minor and major keys. (421K)

Flute, Guitar, and Oboe combine to give an interesting effect on a very famous Israeli folk song- "Yerushalayim
Shel Zahav". This haunting melody would not leave me, so I decided after listening to a CD to audibly transcribe the theme and arrange it on my Roland. It is a beautiful waltz.  (1,421K)

Guitars and base, along with a trumpet (1,712K)

piano version (1,421K)
Here are two variations on the "Yerushalayim Shel Zahav"
 Let me know which one you like the best!

This is my version of  "Take me to the Water"  which was sung by Jill at the Baptismal Site on the River Jordan at Yardenit during our  visit to the holy land in January, 1999.  (696K)

This is a neat variation of  "Take me to the Water". It changes key and instruments 3 ways. Interesting syncopation and contrast in approach. A little more lively than the one above. (1,009K)

This is a most interesting original composition. It has a "Spanish flair" with a very rhythmic touch. You will like the beat and think of it throughout the day, believe me! (2,047K)

 An MP3  file of Julie Mahurin singing
"The Holy City" recorded at the University Baptist Church on February 28, 1999


More mp3 files soon to be added! Stay tuned and visit often!

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