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Willie Kocurek

(Czech Night, Austin, Texas, October 17, 1997)
 (a poem by R. Malcolm Brown, Jr.)
Willie Kocurek
Who is Willie Kocurek?
A rare human being
Ageless, empowered
A leader among leaders
Innumerable friends
Humble beginnings
Dimebox, Texas was your home
Proud Czech beginnings
A friend among friends
You have guided so many
To such happiness
Your love of flowers
Has taught us to respect life
In its diverse form
Friendly good humor
Counteracts the sad moments
We tend to portray
By that red bow tie
Your signature brings great joy
You warm hearts and souls
Ageless, empowered
You have shown us through your deeds
By each passing day
That we should never
Give up on this thing called "life"
A moment to enjoy
Is precious, indeed
A scholar among scholars
You went to law school
In our advanced age
You showed us what could be done
If only we try
With lifelong learning
Educator among us
A school named for you
Always down to earth
Humble among the humble
You communicate
With the poor
No distinction ever made
All men are equal
To your church you give
A Christian among Christians
You care about God
You inspire belief
Through example and good deed
We love you Willie!

August 19, 1994

 This poem had been on my mind for many months; however, it did not "distill" until early one morning. Ideas were easy to come by, and it was a joy to think about how lucky all of us have been just to know Willie Kocurek. He is an exemplary Christian who cherishes giving more than receiving.  Those who have come across the "receipt path" of Willie Kocurek are indeed, blessed.

Music composed in honor of Willie on September 13, 1998 by Malcolm, on his KR-1070 Roland Digital Grand Piano. Entitled,   "To Willie"

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