R. Malcolm Brown, Jr.

Memories of Elaine Ledbetter

a portfolio of music and poetry from
Elaine's Book

    At the moment that I am writing this, Elaine Ledbetter is critically ill in her home in Pampa, Texas. I have tried to stay in daily contact with Elaine and Bill and their caretakers. They are in good hands. Earlier last week, I spoke with Elaine and could just understand her muffled answers. Yesterday, I only received simple noises. She is deteriorating quickly. These times are so precious, yet it was my goal to have an audio CD for her to listen to by today (May 6). I hope that it arrived today. I also want my friends and the public to know about this very very special person, so I am including here in mp3 format, the same CD that I gave Elaine today. I composed most of the music (with the exception of Autumn Leaves and Over the Rainbow). I have chosen one of her beautiful books of poetry from which to compose the music and try my best to read the poem as the music plays. After the readings, the songs themselves without voice overs can be downloaded. I hope that you will enjoy the recurring theme, "To Elaine" which I composed. It is a piece which you just cannot forget, and that is my goal because I want this song to always be associated with Elaine Ledbetter, my teacher and my true friend.

    Elaine Ledbetter will be remembered through her tireless efforts to give students a chance to become successful and do what they like. In addition, she will be remember by Pampa citizens as the person who put Pampa on the map educationally. No other person living or dead, has done so much for the education of this community. She will surely be missed, but her poetry, photographs will go on and hopefully this webpage will be up for a long time to remember this very remarkable woman, Elaine Ledbetter.

    I would also like to suggest that you visit Elaine" webpage which I created for her in 1998. Yes, it is still up and I hope to maintain it. To visit this page, click HERE.

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