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Plant Cell Biology, High Resolution Light and Electron Microscopy, Digital Image Processing, Cellulose Structure and Biosynthesis -- and more!

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flowers Study Plant Biology at UT!

The excellence in scholarship and teaching that for decades has been the hallmark of the Department of Botany at The University of Texas continues within the School of Biological Sciences.  The Graduate Program in Plant Biology brings together faculty from  Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology, Integrative Biology, and Molecular Genetics and Microbiology.

If you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Plant Biology at UT, please contact the Plant Biology Graduate Program Coordinator (512) 471-8490 for more information

cell wall The Cellulose Electronic Network

A community for those interested in cellulose

Former UT Botany Web Site For historical purposes, the old UT Botany web site has been archived.

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