Malcolm Becomes Editor of the Harvester 1957 All over AGAIN!

Remember this day? Just about 40 years ago? This was the moment when the annuals arrived, and we had a special assembly to distribute them. Miss Hurley did not know that I was going to dedicate the annual to her, and she got real mad when I told her! I think she forgave me, though. I scanned these photos from my old annual which has kept itself in pretty good shape over these years.

It is truly hard to believe that 40 years have passed! Gee, what memories! Remember going to the Dairy Queen on the Drag? How many times did you make that drive circle? Gas was cheap then! Well, read on, and click through "memory lane" as I show you some selected photos from the annual.

I would very much like to have your photo from our 40th reunion and include it on this site for comparison. BE AWARE! I will have my camera once again ready to shoot, so WATCH OUT!

Malcolm (K5GHY).

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