Stat 30

1996 Science Teachers Association of Texas (STAT) Convention

A brief note on my TEACHING interests. Yes, I have had the privilege to be associated with a large research university, but I also cherish the opportunity to teach our outstanding undergraduates. The major medium is Botany 323L which is not a botany course but an intensive
Laboratory Methods in Cell Biology
If you will click on this, you can see my course syllabus which changes from semester to semester. From this pool, I usually ask 1-2 outstanding students to take a research course with me. There, the students learn many aspects of fundamental and applied research. For an example of an undergraduate's research in my lab, go toTara Spires where you will see some interesting frontier-research in atomic and molecular imaging with the transmission electron microscope.
The photo shows Bot 323L students at our mid-course break. This is in the seminar room of the RMB lab.
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