R. Malcolm Brown Jr.
Details and Published Work Covering  his IWF-produced Movies
(note, some of these movies are now available on PAL or NTSC video casettes)
If you are interested, please contact the
Institut für den Wissenschaftlichen Film
            Gem.GmbH Göttingen
            Nonnenstieg 72
            37075 Göttingen
            Postfach 2351
            37013 Göttingen
            Telefon: +49/551/5024-0
            Telefax: +49/551/5024-400
            e-mail: iwf-goe@iwf.de
To view complete papers, click on the titles below"

            Bewegung des Protoplasten und Funktion des Golgi-Apparates
            in Algen
            Movement of the Protoplast and Function of the Golgi
            Apparatus in Algae

            C 1071
            Cyanophycean Virus LPP-1 - Cytopathic Effects in Plectonema
            Cyanophycean Virus LPP-1 - Cytopathische Veränderungen
            in Plectonema boryanum (coming soon!)

            E 1746
            Phototaxis der Grünalge Pyrobotris
            Phototaxis of the Green Alga Pyrobotrys (coming soon!)

            C 1171
            Pleurochrysis scherffelii (Chrysophyceae) - Vegetative
            Pleurochrysis scherffelii (Chrysophyceae) - Vegetative
            Entwicklung (coming soon!)

            E 1682
            Pyrobotrys gracilis (Volvocales) - Vegetative Development
            Pyrobotrys gracilis (Volvocales) - Vegetative Entwicklung (coming soon!)

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