The World
© R. Malcolm Brown, Jr.

A world without end

Vast, infinitesimal

Yet so small a place

To the moon they flew

Our brave astronauts so fit

When the blue pearl rose

From the lifeless sky

Our home appeared suddenly

Was perceived on earth

At last what is home

To those weary travelers

Was viewed all at once

Total life on earth

To be observed from so far

A world without end

Now it is finite

The urge to conserve is cast

In stone for all time

May 23, 1994

The idea for this poem came from a precious gift from NASA- a photographic print of the earth made from the original negative by the astronauts on their way back to earth. This photograph is one of the most valued possessions, and not a day goes by that the thoughts conveyed by the poem are brought up when sighting the earth in that photograph. The author like many, believes that this single photograph will go down in history as the major lesson to be learned from the moon exploration experience- that to survive, the human race must respect its global home which is finite. As a result of this famous image, everyone feels more humble. The goals are for a harmonious co-existence not only with fellow humans but also with all living things and the good earth. Yes, the earth itself can be thought of as a giant, living organism. We must not amputate any part, or the other part will suffer.