The Three C's
© R. Malcolm Brown, Jr.

Life is so tricky

That rules to live by are hard

And much too complex

So a simple test

With three C's as the basis

Can help you so much


If you lack this rule of life

You will miss it all


This great gift from God is yours

If only you know

How to express it

To its fullest, high level

Now add one more "C"


The C you will never have

If you cheat, lie, steal

For without this "C"

You are unbelievable

To your fellow man

So please remember

That these simple, little "C's"

Can guide you through life

With so much to know

Happiness will now be yours

Forever to keep!

May 28, 1994

This little poem is based on a talk delivered to the winners of the Texas State Science Fair in 1989. The original context was in the field of science, but the author has come to believe that the three C's apply to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The three C's recently were resurrected in a talk delivered for the top graduates of the Pampa High School 1994 Class. The goal was to give these fine graduates something simple that they would never forget as they take on life's challenges.