The Prize
© R. Malcolm Brown, Jr.

It is known worldwide

That Alfred Nobel did give

Prizes for deeds done

Now what do these mean?

How can they do so much good?

It's not the winning

Of these great prizes

That brings notoriety

To their known winners

It's the bold spin-off

That can be put to good use

If only the prize

Is humbly conceived

By its noble, good winners

Then humanity

Will see the goodness

Take Mandella and deKlerk

Former enemies

Now together one

They both lead their new nation

On a path of peace

Equal, black and white

No more discrimination

Yes, the Nobel Prize

So duly deserved

By these two thoughtful leaders

May have saved a place

For those to cherish

Together those black and white

Can accomplish peace!

May 28, 1994

The Nobel Prize is one of the most cherished prizes. It brings instant fame to the winner, yet, little thought is given to how the winner/s might use the newfound benefits of the prize. Rather than self-gratification, this recognition often goes far beyond the winner. For instance, Mother Teressa unselfishly continues to give of herself to help the poor and indigent people in India. The recent dramatic changes in South Africa inspired the author to reflect upon how two men, one a former president, and the other his former prisoner, came to reverse their leadership roles in government and yet keep harmony and peace. Perhaps the Nobel Peace Prize served to reinforce the tremendous responsibility to be borne by these two highly intelligent men who could see the future in a different way, long before the rest of the world would realize.