© R. Malcolm Brown, Jr.

The term, "honesty"

Has a fundamental place

In society

Words, actions, deeds, trust

All are without true meaning

If dishonesty

Dominates one's life

So how can this be tested?

One must seek the truth!

It is so simple

Seek the truth, do what is right

That is honesty

With integrity

The answers to life's problems

Will arrive with ease

Unfailing virtue

Guarantees satisfaction

In one's own true mind

Yet the simple fact

Actions speak louder than words

Defines honesty

June 3, 1994

Integrity and honesty are so important that the author wanted to express in as simple terms as possible, just what is meant by the word, "honesty". Hopefully the reader will derive some sense of satisfaction from this poem if it can help to reinforce patterns set in childhood, nurtured in youth, and maintained throughtout adulthood.