Elaine Ledbetter

A Day to Enjoy!
© R. Malcolm Brown, Jr.

A day to enjoy!

Happy birthday, dear Teacher

When, to you I spoke

Little did I know

That you were born on this day

On May twenty eighth

Take time to reflect

On your birthday my dear Friend

Take time to enjoy

The long years of love

Devoted to your dear Bill

Faithful constant love

Take the time to live

And remember your great past

For it is here, now

That you have inspired

So many young and able

To do what is best

To love, honor, trust

To do their best in all things

Wisdom never fails

So on this fine day

May you remember things past

Wonderful Elaine!

May 28, 1994

This poem originated, when upon telephoning Elaine Ledbetter on May 28, 1994, the author learned to his surprise that this was her birthday. He read his first poem to her, and she responded that this event, "made my day". Obviously inspired, a poem about Elaine erupted to the surface; however, it does not do justice to this remarkable person who has inspired so many, a citizen who is a leader among leaders. She will always be in the author's memory and heart