Elaine Ledbetter, one of the finest science teachers to teach in the Pampa Independent School District!

Elaine Ledbetter is not only an expert photographer, but also she is a well-known poet and a national figure. For example, she was LOOK Magazine's National Teacher of the Year Honor Roll (1966). In 1962, Elaine became Secretary of the National Science Teachers Association. In 1972, Elaine was elected President of the NSTA. Elaine is a FELLOW of the Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). There are very few people who have really influenced more young boys and girls in Pampa than Elaine Ledbetter. Elaine and Bill Ledbetter are MODEL citizens. Meals-on-wheels, helping others unselfishly, and leaders in their Church through service and fellowship, Elaine and Bill Ledbetter will always have a name in the history books of Pampa!


This photo was taken from the 1957 Annual.
Here Elaine is demonstrating some of her photographic expertise
with her Haselblad camera.

Here are two recent photos taken of Elaine and Bill as well as Elaine and Malcolm on May 20, 1997.