Office of Naval Research

Biological and Biomedical Sciences and Technology Division The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has supported basic biological and biomedical research at universities and other research centers since 1946. Following a recent reorganization, ONR has taken responsibility for supporting a broad range of applied research and advanced development as well. ONR also supports workshops and conferences on topics closely related to its programs. The goal of our basic research programs is to develop new knowledge that builds foundations for biological and biomedical technologies that provide the Navy of the future with new capabilities. The goal of our applied research and advanced development programs is to develop, fabricate and implement prototypical devices, materials, or systems to explore novel technological solutions to naval problems. For both our basic and applied research programs we encourage interdisciplinary proposals from multiple investigators and institutions. Funding decisions are based on the scientific and technical quality of the ideas, approaches and investigators, relevance to research programs and naval needs, and availability of funds. Research awards vary in size; typically, single investigator awards to universities or research institutions are made for up to three years and range between $70,000 and $150,000 per year (direct + indirect costs). A summary of research projects supported by the Division of Biological and Biomedical Science and Technology is available upon request. Research programs supported by the Division fall into three broad programs: (1) Biomolecular Science & Technology; and (2) Biosystems Science & Technology, and (3) Biomedical Science & Technology. The programs are described below, and the last names of Program Officers with interests in each area are indicated in parentheses. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses can be found at the end of this guide. The current version of the Biological and Biomedical Sciences and Technology Division Program Information brochure can be obtained in Rich Text Format, supported by most word processors, at our ftp site: For MAC: For PC: Division points-of-contact Dr. Anna Palmisano Acting Director 703/696-4986 CDR Edward Marcinik Deputy 703/696-4057 Dr. Michael T. Marron Chief Scientist 703/696-4038 Telephone numbers and email addresses for other Scientific and Technical Staff