Former Students

and Associates

This page contains an album of 19 photos of
former students of  R. Malcolm Brown, Jr. as well as post-docs and
visiting faculty. Please feel free to browse and download any of these photos. If
you have a URL link or email, please let me know and I will place this
link next to your photo! I plan to continually add to this. If you have a good photo to share with me,
please send it. Below are small thumbnails designed for a fast download of this page; however,
Click on the photos to see  enlargements and more information
Tom Bureau after completeing his final dissertation defense, 1986. (151)
Johnny Carson with Rebecca and Bradley
Chapel Hill, NC. (017)
Alan White, RMB, Carol Bokros, Allison and
Eric Roberts, Arland Hotchkiss (084)
Cellulose 91, New Orleans (068)
Satsuki Takagaki and Jungi Sugiyama (111)
Likun Li and RMB (139)
Emily Castro (080)
Shigenori Kuga and Jong Hwa Lee (075)
Ann Brown and Dr. Fumitaka Horii (154)
R. Malcolm Brown, Jr., Rick Drake, and Likun Li (144)
Kanagasabapathi  Sathasivan, Barry Rolfe
from ANU, Canberra, and Inder Saxena (030)
Bengt Ranby (040)
RMB, Jean Paul Latge, and Anna Beauvais (050)
Dr. Shigeru Yamanaka (175)
Dr. Randall Alberte and Dr. Inder Saxena (178)
Lab Party in Painter 2.26 (067)
Dr. Susan Cousins (138)
Glen Kurtz and Cherice Moore
and Bob Nagy (066)
Larry Griffing and Hilton Mollenhauer (073)

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