Cui Xiaojiang

Cui Xiaojiang with Dr. Bruce Wasserman


Department of Botany
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas 78713-7640, USA
Phone: 512-479-7987 (H), 512-471-3364 (O)
Fax: 512-471-3573


    1995--now: Department of Botany, the University of Texas at Austin, for Ph.D.
    1990--1995: Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, M.S.
    1986--1990: Department of Biochemical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, B.S.

Research Experience

*Construction, differential screening of subtracted cotton fiber cDNA libraries.
*Cloning of plant callose synthase catalytic subunit using EST walking. Functional study of the protein.
*Cloned the CP genes of PVX, PVY and PLRV Chinese isolates, constructed plant expression vectors containing two or three different CP genes and acquired corresponding transgenic potatoes, some of which were resistant to virus coinfection. Field tests are under way.
*Tested using the synergic antibacterial activities of the modified Cecropin and T7 lysozyme. The two genes were fused with PR1b signal sequence respectively and put in a plant expression vector. Transgenic tobacco was confered enhanced resistance to Pseudomonas solanacearum. Also took part in the study of MLO (mycoplasma like organism).
*Used TMV CP subgenomic promoter, barnase gene and TMV 3’ non-coding sequence to construct a vector in which these genes were in antisense form and transform the vector into tobacco. Attempted to produce barnase when TMV infects the transgenic plants, a strategy of artificially induced cell death.
*Cloned the key enzyme genes involved in the synthesis path of biodegradable plastics PHB in Alcaligenes eutrophus.  Transgenic potato were obtained with the genes driven by patatin promoters.
*Design a project of enhancing potato tuber starch content (similar to that of Monsanto Co.). Tried to increase plant tolerance to stress of chillness, drought and high tempreture by  transforming SOD and catalase genes.

Teaching Experience

*During fall semester of 1995, TA Cellular and Molecular Biology course of 170 freshmen in Division of Biological Sciences. *Since 1996, TA Cell Biology Lab course in the Botany Deparment.
*During the undergraduate and graduate study period in China, gave several lectures or seminors about plant genetic engineering to researchers and graduate students.

Awards and Honors

*Exempted from the national university entrance examination.
*Won first and second prizes in the university contests of advanced mathematics, chemistry , molecular biology and undergraduate student’s research project exhibition.
*Honorable titles ‘excellent student of Shanghai city’, ‘student model’ and ‘excellent undergraduate student of Shanghai city’ were conferred.
*Exempted from the Chinese Academy of Sciences entrance examination for graduate student.
*Member of Chinese Society of Biotechnology.
*University of Texas at Austin Summer Tuition Fellowship and Professional Development Award.


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Career Interests

    Very interested in the regulation of gene expression during cell development and signal transduction.  Wish to get a research or teaching position in the molecular biology area in high education system or companies. Also prepared to undertake biotechnology application, such as metabolic engineering. I believe that the progress in biology research will improve our life quality and the outlook of environment around us.

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