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Use this page to locate ongoing research in the RMB Lab which covers the structure and synthesis of nanostructures such as SWCNTs, Linear Acetylenic Carbon, Enzyme Complexes (Cellulose Synthase, Cellulase, Ornithine Decarboxylase), Protein Complexes (acetylcholine receptor protein, actin, tubulin), Polymers ( Cellulose, DNA, Curdlan)

Use this page to view the latest technology in high resolution transmission electron microscopy, digital image processing, and specialized light microscopy approaches for investigating nanostructures

Use this page to locate interesting URL's covering these nanostructures


RMB Lab Research:

Imaging Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes 

Atomic and Molecular Imaging with the Transmission Electron Microscope 

HRTEM of Two Cellulases from Trichoderma 

HRTEM of Tubulin and Protein Translation Factors  

Interesting Links:

Richard Smalley's Group, Houston

Peter J F Harris's Homepage, Reading, UK

Andy Baker's Homepage, University of Bristol, UK

David Tomanek's Homepage, Lansing, Michigan Also, visit David's Dedicated Nanotube Site
Prof Harry Krotos' Home Page, one of the three nobel prize winners last year
Prof Robert Curl's Home Page, one of the three Nobel prize winners last year
SUNY at Stony Brook Buckyball Home Page
Prof. John Fischer at Univ. of Pennsylvania
Prof. Paul McEuen's article on Electrical Properties of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Prof Alex Zettl's page at UC Berkeley
Comments on Serendipity and Creativity by Prof. Iijima --- he is the discoverer of SWCNT's

A Special Link:

Visit a Photo Album of an ONR Conference on SWNTs, Houston, June, 1997

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updated November 6, 1997