3-D Movies

We suggest you look at the Ohio States Graphic Utilites list to determine what program to use on your platform

We suggest VMPG for Windows and Sparkle for Macintosh.

yeast 3-D movieThe movie above shows the tilt of a freeze-fractured yeast cell. Before the movie begins, you have no idea of depth perception; however, when the movie starts, you will immediately use your depth perception cues and be able to easily discern convex structures from concave structure. Notice the protruding portion of a membrane in the lower left corner. The large, convex structure in the is the nucleus, with its prominent nuclear pores. There should be several concave depressions on the nucleus. Note also the prominent tear of the freeze fracture replica protruding 90 degrees above the replica surface. This series of speicmen tilts was made on our Philips 420 TEM which has a eucentric goniometer stage which can tilt +- 60 degrees.
bacteria  3-D movie A 3-D movie of the T4 bacteriophage. Compare with the previous movie and notice the combined effects of anaglyphs and motion and how they improve three dimentional perception.

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